Many patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) travel hundreds of miles to seek expert advice regarding their disease, only to find that their care is fragmented when they return home. Other patients do not have the resources (financial or otherwise) to seek out a prominent NET expert for consultation. Additionally, some patients start treatments that adversely affects their quality of life and/or disease outcomes. Consequently, NANETS has recognized that there is a clear need for physicians and allied health care providers to learn about the standard management of patients with NETs, and to familiarize themselves with new and emerging therapeutic approaches for the control of symptoms and tumor growth.

As a professional organization, NANETS is committed to providing educational training to further advance its mission, increase patient access to clinical trials, and improve the ability of NET patients to receive comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. In doing so, we hope our efforts will translate into improved outcomes for patients.

If you are interested in working with NANETS to conduct a CME-certified regional NET conference to educate health care providers in your community, please 1) fill out the form below and 2) fill out the Regional Conference Application (click here to download) and return them to the NANETS Staff at

(The completed Regional Conference Application can be uploaded and submitted through the form on this page.)

If you have a date you would like us to consider, please enter it here.
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