NANETS is a professional organization focusing on neuroendocrine tumor (NET) research and education. NANETS hosts numerous events each year, including the Annual Symposium — the largest professional NET meeting in North America.

At the Annual Symposium, clinicians, researchers, allied healthcare providers, and students gather to discuss research milestones and educational achievements in the field. Attendees review the year's submission of abstracts and posters, attend lectures given by their peers and participate in case reviews. During the event, NANETS announces the recipients of the Young Investigator Award and Clinical Investigator Scholarship. 

In addition to the Annual Symposium, NANETS also hosts Regional CME Events [1]. These one-day meetings are designed to educate physicians and healthcare providers in the diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumors. They create an opportunity for physicians and oncologists to attend a master class with a neuroendocrine specialist. Attendees learn from and have the chance to build a personal connection with an expert in the field.

Through these educational opportunities, NANETS aims to improve the quality of care for NET patients across the country.