Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) are cancers that arise from the body's neuroendocrine cells and are most commonly localized to the lung, pancreas and gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Because most NETs are relatively slow-growing, compared to their more aggressive adenocarcinoma counterparts, NETs are high in prevalence despite their low incidence. Additionally, the relatively indolent nature of NETs not only contributes to difficulty in diagnoses in many cases, but also requires more holistic goals of care for patients who will live often for years with their diseases.

Research and literature on NETs has grown rapidly over the past decade, bringing newer treatments, imaging technologies, and knowledge to the table. The mission of NANETS is not only to lead and foster this advancement in research and patient care, but also to provide educational opportunities for medical professionals.

Our events, such as the Annual Symposium and Regional Meetings, reach an increasing number of physicians and allied healthcare providers every year. By providing multi-disciplinary education to medical professionals on recent advances in NET research, NANETS hopes to continually improve quality of care for NET patients everywhere.

The current chairs of the Education Committee are Drs. Jennifer Chan & Diane Reidy-Lagunes. Their term in office is from October 2014 to October 2016. They are both members of the Conference Organizing Committee (COC).

The Education Committee has primary responsibility for all educational activities, including the Annual Symposium. Additional members of the Education Committee may be appointed by the Committee chair(s). This committee is also responsible for developing and reviewing committee-related educational policies and fiscal procedures and for presenting the plan and budget to staff and the Board of Directors.

The Education Committee also formulates the Annual Symposium timeline, drafts the agenda, selects potential speakers based on expertise/publications and then present these items to the (COC) for final editing and approval. This committee is also responsible for assuring that the CME and legal requirements are followed and that all logistics for successful execution of the Annual Symposium are in place.

This Committee is committed to the following:
  1. Developing an annual educational forum designed for physicians and other health professionals based on the latest research and clinical guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and management of NET diseases.
  2. Recruiting clinicians and basic researchers to attend the Annual Symposium.
  3. Marketing the Annual Symposium to the medical community via professional journals and social media.
  4. Assuring the Annual Symposium provides balanced, bias-free multidisciplinary sessions
  5. Selecting expert faculty to present evidence-based information at the Annual Symposium
  6. Keeping members current on new advancements pertinent to NET disease education and events.

If you are interested in being part of the Education Committee or have ideas that you would like to share, please contact us. We welcome your input!